Hand Spun Wool Important Notice

The raw fibre used in the skeins has been washed several times. This has been at a high temperature with a professional herbal fleece scour detergent. This removes the grease and dirt that occurs naturally in a sheep’s’ fleece.

The fleeces have been sorted to remove the unusable parts of the fleece. I also pick out the majority of vegetation. It is impossible to remove all vegetation as small pieces stick to the fibre. You may find grass bits in the skein or feel that the wool smells of sheep. This is due to it being hand spun, so embrace the rustic traditional charm. Please note that all care is taken during each step of hand spinning – sorting, washing, drying, carding and spinning. This is to remove vegetation and the sheep smell.

After spinning, the skeins are gently washed in hot water and fabric softener to ‘set the twist’. They are then dried outside to give the skein a fresh smell.

The fibre is hand dyed by myself, or left natural if the fleece is coloured or unusual. I use environmentally friendly fibre dyes, with white vinegar as a mordant to set the dye colour in the fibre.

All of our pre-spun fibre and rovings are stored with natural cedarwood balls to deter moths. This might mean your yarn may come to you with a slight cedarwood and lavender smell. All skeins are washed after spinning.