Needle Felting

Needle felting, also known as dry felting, is a process that uses specialised barbed needles which are repeatedly jabbed into layers of wool fibres to form a felted fabric. Wool fibres have scales which lock into place to create felted fabric when rubbed together. This method is used to create solid three dimensional felt sculptures and beautiful 2D pictures, which are only limited to your imagination.  

Alyssa is a master in needle felting and she is completely self-taught and creates uniquely individual animals with their own quirky personalities. She does not follow any patterns and the animals come alive under her needle. I am hoping that in the near future she will offer some of these creatures for sale online so everyone has the opportunity to offer one (or a few) of these creations, a loving home. 

We offer one-day workshops on various forms of needle felting – for both complete beginners and those wanting to advance their skills.