#3 Continuous Zipper Tape

• Continuous zip tape, make zips to any length. These zippers do not have a beginning or an end point (no starter box or zipper stops). There is a learning curve using zippers by the metre but they are very flexible and the best part – they are cost efficient and now come in so many different colours to create a really fun and unique finishing touch to your zipped projects.
• There are hundreds of zipper tape colours and all possible coil colours: silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal, rainbow, bronze, or regular coil. You can also select from different zip slider styles. With the option of using a separate slider to go with the zipper tape, you really can create ‘one-of-a-kind’ zips. Zip sliders sold separately. Click here for matching zip sliders.
• ALL styles of #3 zip sliders will fit on ANY #3 continuous zipper tape, so you can truly ‘mix and match’.
• No.3 zipper tape is for light to medium weight fabrics – cushions and zipped pouches/pencil cases.
• If you are unsure of using continuous zips, mainly due to being that bit ‘scared’ of putting on the sliders, then click here for our ‘How to’ guide on attaching zipper sliders.

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