Stitch and Tear Stabiliser


Temporary backing for embroideries and appliqués; for transferring and making topstitch work and patchwork.

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The Stitch and Tear Stabiliser is suitable backing for embroidery and appliqués; for transferring and making topstitch work and patchwork.

The stitch and tear-away stabiliser, is a temporary stabiliser that is easy to remove after your stitching is completed. This stabiliser is recommended for use with medium to heavyweight fabrics and densely stitched embroidery designs.  It can be torn away in either a horizontal or vertical direction, and should be removed carefully in order to not disturb the stitches of the design.

How to use:

Put a piece of Stitch-n-Tear somewhat bigger than the motif under the fabric and embroider.
Place the embroidery with the stabiliser side face up on a flat surface.
Support the stitches with your fingers as you carefully tear the excess stabiliser away.
With some tight open areas within the design it may be difficult to remove the stabiliser and can be left on the back of the project. For most tear away stabilisers these areas will eventually begin to disintegrate with repeated washings.

The price is for a 1/2 metre (Approx 20 inches) of fabric and the width is approximately 36 Inches (90cm).
Multiple purchases will be cut in one continuous length (e.g. a quantity of 2 meaning 2 x 1/2 m = 1 metre, which would be cut and sent as a 1 metre piece).

Brand Vlieseline


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