Frequently asked questions

Do I have to sandwich my quilt together?
No, with our Handi Quilter Longarm Quilting machine we can take all the hard work out of sandwiching your quilt, as the machine allows us to baste all three layers of your quilt onto the machines rollers.

I have already sandwiched and started quilting my top – can you finish it?
Unfortunately we are UNABLE to take your quilt if it has already been sandwiched together. We try and provide you with a pucker-free quilt, however, we cannot guarantee this if the quilt has already been started. We would therefore ask that you undo the already sandwiched quilts if you wish us to quilt them to avoid a fee, ie. if we need to take the layers apart.

What are the differences between normal width fabric and extra wide?
Patchwork fabric is normally 42” wide, whereas backing fabric starts at about 60” wide and go up to 120” wide. Another factor to consider is that you do not have to join extra wide backing fabric, thereby gaining two quilts for the price of one, as the quilt can become reversible depending on the backing fabric used.

How big does the backing and wadding need to be?
At least 4” on all four sides of the quilt top – for instance, a 60” x 80” quilt top would require the backing fabric/wadding to measure 68” x 88”. This is to ensure that the longarm is able to quilt the quilt top without hindrance from the side clamps that hold the side of the quilt back to create even tension while quilting.

How would you recommend joining the backing fabric if needed?
Remove the selvedges and stitch in the usual way with a ½” inch seam allowance. Press the seam open and flat. For more detailed information, see our ‘How to’ PDF – Creating a pieced backing fabric; as well as my Blog on the subject.

Why is it necessary to provide a “squared” backing?
Backings need to be “squared” to be placed on the Longarm Quilting Frame. This is important to ensure that puckering does not occur in the quilting process. For more detailed information, see our ‘How to’ PDF – How to “square off” your backing fabric; as well as my Blog on the subject.

Should I remove the selvedges on the backing fabric?
It is useful to have a straight and firm edge to work from on the sides when placing the backing fabric onto the frame, so please leave the selvedges on the backing fabric wherever possible. The only time the selvedges would be cut off, is when joining two pieces of fabrics together to form the backing.

What is the maximum size you can quilt?
Our Handi Quilter machine will take up to 105” wide Quilts on the 10 foot frame; however the maximum length is limitless. The only restriction would be the amount of quilt rolled onto the take up roller on the machine; this would depend on the weight and thickness of the wadding, and how tightly it was wound around roller.

How do I delivery my quilt to you?
It depends on whether you live locally or not. You can make an appointment and deliver it in person. Please do not drop off quilts without getting in contact to confirm/book an appointment, as we are not open to the public. Alternatively, you can post it direct to Nifty Needles, 36 Rosevale Road, Banbridge, County Down, BT32 3QJ. Also, please do not post the quilt without getting in contact to confirm we are able to take your quilt. This way, we can advise you when to post the quilt and also know that it is being posted. We suggest posting it by Royal Mail First Class Recorded (Signed for) Post in a heavy duty plastic postal bag.

Do you require a deposit?
If you are delivering your quilt top by hand or by post, we accept your quilt as your deposit. On completion of your quilt we require full payment before returning the completed quilt. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, PayPal or by card (either in person or over the phone)