Price List


Cot  – 40” x 50”45.0070.00 95.0030.0020.0030.00
Cot – 50” x 60”50.0075.00100.0035.0020.0030.00
Lap – 60” x 70”55.0080.00110.0040.0025.0035.00
Lap – 60” x 80”60.00 85.00120.0045.0025.0035.00
Single – 70” x 80”70.0095.00130.0050.0030.0045.00
Single – 70” x 90” 80.00105.00140.0055.0030.0045.00
Double – 80” x 90”90.00110.00150.0060.0030.0050.00
Double – 80” x 105”100.00125.00160.0065.0035.0055.00
Queen – 90” x 90”100.00125.00180.0070.0035.0055.00
Queen – 90” x 105”110.00135.00200.0075.0035.0060.00

*The Binding cost is added onto the cost of the type of quilting chosen.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently we are unable to do this on the longarm machine, but plan to in the near future, HOWEVER, we can still do this process BUT it will be done on the PFAFF machine. This cost is on the understanding that the customer has prepared the binding strip so it is ready to be sewn onto the quilt front. We can also offer the service of cutting, sewing and preparing your continuous binding strip so it is ready to be attached to the quilt, at an additional cost.

** With Custom quilting it is hard to give a fixed price without seeing the quilt top or having a discussion with the customer as to the exact quilting designs are required. Therefore, these prices are the base amount and it could vary depending on the amount of custom quilting agreed on.

Additional Services
Making Binding – £0.06p per inch
Squaring Quilt Top – £5
Pressing the Quilt Top – £5
Pressing the Backing Fabric – £5
Stitching & preparing Backing Fabric – £7.50
Basting the pieced edges of the Quilt Top – £5
Delivery costs will be advised once your quilt is complete
Priority Service – £30  

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to change prices in the future.