Basic Reference Sheets Section

Have you ever had a tension issue while sewing and completely forgot just how to fix the problem? Or maybe you have been stumped on how to cut the correct measurement of fabric pieces needed? You may feel completely confused when confronted with the names of fabric pre-cuts or quilting terminology or even wondered on just how big to make the quilt which is to go onto a double bed, etc.

This section has the templates on these issues and more. I have complied the most common issues that we all experience at some stage. Now you just need to refer to your handbook for quick reference, instead of having to try and find the answer online and never knowing exactly where to look. Why waste time searching while you could be spending that time quilting?

You only need to purchase the files/templates that you want to have in your book. Another bonus is, that if you need more of one particular template, you can come back and buy more.

The PDF files are available if you prefer to print your own at home. I would, however, suggest that you print them out double-sided, as I have done for the printed options and onto at least 100 gsm paper to give them added strength and durability.

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