Embroidery Sampler Book

Hand embroidered samplers have been around for hundreds of years. Young girls learnt embroidery stitches by doing a sampler which was then signed, dated and framed to be on display for many, many years. A few still survive to this day.

Samplers are great fun to stitch and a wonderful learning tool. As well as a good record of mastering different stitches, they are a great method of exploring threads and techniques and an excellent way to discover your own likes (and dislikes) in embroidery.

I have always wanted to do an Embroidery Sampler Book, something visual where I can practice and showcase all the different embroidery stitches. However, I didn’t want something that just displayed lines of the different stitches, which didn’t show me how these stitches could be used. I wanted the book to have a theme, hence, the Garden theme was created. I designed the stitches in the books to all have a garden theme, so you could see how the stitches could be used. The covers (front & back) of each book have an embroidered garden design using some of the stitches that you have learnt and stitched on your pages. The book is approximately – 10” x 9” (CLOSED) and 10” x 18” (OPEN).

I also wanted to have the option on how many embroidery stitches you could choose on learning – hence I have the two books – 36 embroidery stitches and 60 embroidery stitches. Both books have the same stitches from 1-30, then the 60 stitch book carries on with some more stitches. Don’t think that these extra stitches are too difficult, basically the different stitches available are a slightly different version of a more basic stitch.

The patterns are broken down into very achievable monthly pattern subscriptions and are available in both printed and PDF patterns. I have also written the patterns for both left handed and right handed people so you can follow the diagrams in the way you stitch, either with your left hand or right hand. Just be careful of which pattern version you are purchasing.

This book will become a treasured heirloom, something to treasure for years to come. You will also learn some new and interesting embroidery stitches that you can incorporate in future projects.

Are you ready to begin your embroidery journey and create your own Heirloom Embroidery Sampler Book to be treasured for generations? There is a Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1981259928809348 – where we can do the book together, share progress photos and tips, encourage one another and just generally somewhere where we can gather together with a shared project. I will also include tuition help if you are unsure of anything and maybe include videos on doing certain stitches …. And of course a free pattern to make a small project.

So, you now have the choice of what size book will you make and what kits you will purchase to make your book with. We have compiled several lovely kits for the linen fabric, binding/ribbon, essential embroidery tools and of course the necessary materials …..