Counting Pins

 If you do Cross Stitch or Blackwork, then these are the tools that you will be looking for in your needlework work basket, especially when you need to start counting squares. Basically these tools are needed when you need to count out stitches on your AIDA or evenweave linen fabric.
 These counting pins are longer than normal pins/needles and have an extremely sharp point, but they also have a cap to place on the end to secure into the fabric, so they don’t fall out and also to protect your fingers from the sharp points. With having beads etc at the top of the pin, it makes it easy to hold them while you are counting out the squares on the fabric.
 These counting pins are a game changer! I really don’t know how I managed without them for so long.
 The hidden bonus of these notions? Well, they are decorative so make for truly stunning tools …. But …. When you aren’t using them for counting out your stitches on fabric …. They make for stunning shawl pins or just as a brooch to set off a jacket, etc. They deserve to be shown off and not lie in your needlework basket. They are basically dual purpose – handy needlework tools and decorative accessories for our outfits.
 These counting pins are hand made by myself and I use only good quality charms and/or beads in creating these counting pins. Many of the counting pins are unique and ‘one off’ creations, using charms/beads that are not repeatable. So the counting pins are limited editions.

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