Mug Rugs

I love designing and making Mugrugs. Over time, I have designed quite a series of mug rug patterns, so felt it was now the right time to actually create their very own category on the website under the Pattern section as they are growing, and it is also a dilemma on exactly which category to place them under. They aren’t table runners nor quilts. They are definitely mug rugs, their own identity and have their own special unique purpose.

A Mug Rug is more than just a coaster to protect the surface of your furniture from a mug/glass. A mug rug can usually accommodate a mug and a treat like a biscuit or cake. Mug Rugs are not restricted to just mugs, they can be used to protect your furniture against pot plants, serving bowls and much more. They can adorn coffee tables, desks, bedside tables, hall tables or workstations. And when they are made in a seasonal theme, it is even nicer to decorate your house with. You are sure to find a space for these functional wee quilts. Mug Rugs are also a good introduction into quilt construction. They are a great way to use your scraps and make a great gift for little cost.

These patterns are less daunting than the larger quilts & projects but just as beautiful – so ideal for a beginner or if you have a dead line to work to. They make lovely gifts to make and give to someone special.

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