Handmade Stitch and Progress Markers

As a knitter and crocheter – I love to use beautiful, handcrafted tools.
I do a lot of knitting, especially shawls and Top down knitting technique for garments and these items required stitch markers (and sometimes A LOT of them) to keep a track of your pattern or where to increase/decrease. They are also useful in crochet to keep track of your progress or where you need to start/finish.

There is the standard plastic markers available (and I have used them for many years) but it is always nicer to have some unique and creative stitch or progress markers. I have used handmade stitch markers in the past but due to the way they were finished, I hated using them and they ended abandoned in my notion’s container. Some were made with a loop, so the loop size and the beads kept moving making it hard to get the needle in smoothly. Others used a split ring which was to go onto the knitting needle and be moved from needle to needle as you progressed. But I found that the split ring got caught in the wool and snagged my knitting. This got me thinking on how to create the ultimate ‘non snag’ marker. These stitch markers are finished with a solid jump ring which makes for NO SNAGGING and using them a pleasant experience. The closed rings come in 4 sizes – 8mm (Small – suitable for up to 4.5mm needle); 10mm (Medium – suitable for up to 6mm needle); 12mm (Large – suitable for up to 8mm needle; 15mm (X-Large – suitable for up to 10mm needle).

The progress markers are so useful for both knitting and crochet and are removable. They come with an option of the Lobster or Leverback clasps. I have used 12-18mm clasps for both options to make it easier to handle and open, especially with the lobster clasps, as these can tend to be quite fiddly to open.

I have many more handmade crochet and knitting themed notions available in my Handmade Crafters’ Gift Section, so why not have a look there as well if you are looking for something pretty, practical and unique …..

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