Embroidery Thread and Needlework

I feel that Embroidery thread and Needlework deserves a whole section on its own. There is so much available for needlework. If you are just starting out on your journey of needlework, it can be daunting & confusing knowing what you need and want. There is such a big variety of embroidery threads available, from the traditional 6 stranded embroidery thread to the Perle cottons and the metallic threads. I have always used DMC brands for my cross stitch and embroidery projects, so it was not a hard decision to make when choosing what embroidery threads to stock. In this section, I have also put together the embroidery essentials that you would likely need/want for your current embroidery project. I will also use this area to stock the different types of embroidery, like Sashiko – Japanese embroidery which is a lovely simple, yet striking, form of embroidery. Enjoy your browsing….