Silver Black Row Counting Chain


The row counting chain is available in a variety of options and is a ‘limited’ range. The chain will arrive with full instructions on how to use it. Please read the details below for full description.

Use the drop down menu to select your chosen colour range and ring size for the row counting chain.


This row counting chain is designed to help you keep track of the number of rows in your project as you knit. This ingenious chain allows you to count from 1-99. These are not used in crochet.

They are easy to use. Simply put the chain on your needles and use the same way you would use a round stitch marker. After completing your first row, slide the ring between 1-2 onto your needle and continue moving your needle into the next ring with each row completed. Once you reach the zero ring, place the lobster clasp marker on the ring above number one to stand for row 10. After completing this row, restart at the first ring and work your way down the chain again. Every 10 rows move the lobster clasp down to the next number ring. For example, if you have completed 37 rows the lobster clasp should be on the ring between 3 and 4 and the knitting needle is in the ring between 7 and 8. This chain is ingenious, and you will never forget how many rows you have completed if you need to set the project aside halfway through completing a set number of rows.

Be sure to select the correct size ring for your knitting needle requirements.

The closed rings come in 4 sizes – 8mm (Small – suitable for up to 4.5mm needle); 10mm (Medium – suitable for up to 6mm needle); 12mm (Large – suitable for up to 8mm needle; 15mm (X-Large – suitable for up to 10mm needle).

The Closed rings are EASY TO USE, just slide them on and off your needles as needed.

The chain is hand made by myself and I use only good quality findings in creating these counting chains. Many of the chains are unique and ‘one off’ creations, using beads and charms that are not repeatable.

Each chain is unique and NOT one set is identical. The only common theme is the colour of the seed beads which is what the colour choice refers to. Each chain within that colour chain group is totally unique with the end charm/bead and the lobster clasp counting (10’s) marker. The chain you will receive may/will not be the exact chain that you see in the photo predicting the chain colour theme.

The term Silver refers to the colour of the number bead – silver bead with silver writing. The colour group is the colour of the small beads either side of the number bead. The variation photo shows just one option within the selected colour group and NOT the exact ring size. Please be sure of which ring size you wish to purchase.

I have endeavoured to photograph the chains to best represent their colours, but please be aware that colours will vary from monitor to monitor.

Each counting chain is crafted using flat acrylic number beads paired with coordinated beads and is handmade. Due to being handmade there may be a slight difference in length and finished appearance.


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Ring – Large, Ring – Medium, Ring – small, Ring – X.Large


Blue, Clear, Grey, Rainbow Rose, Red


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